Anonymous, props, painting, etc. etc. etc.

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Turn of the Screw set design

Painted sets

Photo of cat puppet

Puppets & Props

photo of Buddha

Scupting and Carving

Photo of sign


photo of safe


Photo of painted lady

Portraits & Drops

photo of lion costume


photo of capitol

Architectural Elements

There was a time, in my youth, when I embraced the impermanent spontaneity of the Theatre as the highest of all art forms. That was when I was an actor. It is somewhat more challenging to watch things that take endless hours of effort, cut, before opening or discarded after closing.

The daily minutia of building plays happens mostly offstage. This page is a partial visual record of the very many pieces I created over the years, in the very many theatres where I worked. I owned none of it. I simply contributed to the story as part of the team, anonymously.

Karle H. Murdock