Face of Fear


"Winking Buddha" 17/50 © 2008.
Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wood. 7 feet tall.


The Buddha Winks. I had an epiphany. Karle suddenly realizes that perfection is as imbalanced as chaos. You can't oppose chaos. Perfection is not an achievable goal! Only a balance between perfection and chaos might be achieved, with careful practice, in time.

Time is not stable. Time only seemed that way when we were young because we were changing so fast we were not aware of change in other things. Relatively, time becomes more unstable. Balance, with constantly shifting elements can only be achieved when all elements are respected, none denied.


Winking Buddha is the first Face to have ears. The Yin Yang symbol is perhaps a little heavy handed, perhaps, the best logo ever designed. Winking Buddha hears, sees, feels, knows. Balance exists between the female and male, between good and evil, chaos and perfection, receiving and giving, birth and death, poverty and wealth.

Balance forgives, feels profound relief from extremes of pain and aggravation. Balance is flexibility, power & strength, the autonomy, of those who are centered and grounded. Balance lies between all opposites. From the center Winking Buddha has equal awareness of all points of view. Only from center can balance be maintained.




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