under pressure



"UNDER PRESSURE" 12/50 © 1995.

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wood. 7 feet tall.


I was in transition from being a 'married woman' to 'single woman' from a secure job with health insurance, to freelancing as a fine artist, designer and teacher. Imagine crawling out onto the very thinnest branch of a very long treelimb!

Eyes are bloodshot, irises pinched, jaw clenched, teeth cracking, waking up in the middle of the night unable to turn off cascading thoughts of doom.


After display in a Longboat Key Art show the artist was rewarded with a nice article in the Longboat Key Observer, Oct 5, 1995, Jill Owens was impressed with the scale of UP she says "Murdock's theatrical background creates a strong, Jim Carey-like energy within her work - I want to see more". One must see the Faces in person to experience the scale of them.


I, sadly, was indulging once again in another form of self pity, the physical kind that can cause internal injury like ulcers and broken teeth. I know better. Reminding myself to treat myself better than this. Take on less work? Make fewer promises?


Don't be this way - Love thyself.




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