the Thinker



"THE THINKER" 13/50 © 1995.

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wooden table. 7 feet tall.


It was Dobie Gillis who introduced me, as a child, to the work of Rodin, the 'father of modern sculpture'. Sculpture having, apparently, no mother, except perhaps Anon who's hands carved the The Venus of Willendorf, undoubtedly the work of a woman who's had first hand experience of bloating and birthing. In ignorance of the name of Sculpture's mother, The Thinker is my tribute to Sculpture's father.


This tribute begging the question, must serious art look serious? The artist draws her very early creative inspiration from several sources, Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, and, Ah Ha, Walt Kelly! Credit must also go to David Omar White, dear friend of the family, may he rest in Peace. Early on, a pen and ink cartoonist from Boston, who had profound artistic influence on little toddler Karle. Since, solving problems is fun, absorbing, rewarding, a life's joyful pursuit, I have created a version of The Thinker, with tongue in cheek to honor all dimensional art.



AVAILABLE. Asking $3500.00


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