Face of Self Pity

#3 "SELF PITY" 3/50 © 1994

Papier Mache, Acrylic paint, with a wooden table base.

After an initial period of paralyzing fear and stilityfying procrastination, ...self pity ensues. Self pity! Self pity cripples, freezes, blocks, sets up base camp then destroys all forward motion. Outwardly blaming everyone and everything else for the predicament. Moaning and groaning inside. I am feeling sorry for myself, instead of tackling the problem, instead of fixing it, instead of working.
Self pity is one of the worlds greatest evils.


The face of self pity is pouting sooooo completely it has swallowed up it's nose, It's eyes are welling up with tears, it's hands twisted in busy work that does not amount to anything. My Mother, may she rest in peace, particularly, disliked this one! This is the only FACE of the first 7 that I have not sold. Interesting. It is haunting me.


AVAILABLE. Asking $2500.00


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