Scenic Design, Theatrical Art of Karle H. Murdock

... Our director enthusiastically embraced the idea of having the set do a 'strip tease' because the action of this play progressed backwards in time instead of forwards. My design concept was to have many generic scenic elements move around the stage for scene changes as frenetically as the actors and music, slowly disappearing off of the stage over time, 'stripping' away the 'future' to uncover the 'past'. Until, the finale, where the star players are left, as written, on a bare roof top in NYC singing about the future (which we have already seen) looking forward toward all of the adventures they will have...


Merrily We Roll Along. 1998. Backdrop:
Directed by Annie Morrison

Karle H. Murdock: Scenic Design.

Marty Petlock: Lighting Design.

Scenic painting by Karle H. Murdock.

Produced by The Players Theatre of Sarasota


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