the face of confusion



"HOLIER THAN THOU" 11/50 © 1995, 2007

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wood. 7 feet tall. Comes in a cabinate with black lights and a table.


.....When The FBI building in Oklahoma City was bombed in April 1995, I was horrifically, speechlessly, appalled! Holier Than Thou was my gut reaction to the idea that any human felt justified in killing innocent people so violently. (A BOMB! ...Babies?)


Holier's face reflects an explosion which is taking place to the front. Using UV paint for a heat effect. To display this piece Karle has built a display box in 2007 with black lights like a tiny stage.

The face has Rush Limbaugh's tight superior mouth because in the artist's mind the shallow thinking of the bomber is fostered by loudmouthed celebrities who take the soap box claiming "moral superiority" while demonstrating profound ignorance.


Holier is the only Face that has any clothing, so far, a collar and tie. This face is a 'Suit'. Holier Than Thou is unfortunately an aspect of our modern society which everyone must make serious effort to control, firstly, by understanding this lack of humility inside ourselves.

Since 1995 we have experienced 9/11 and Columbine. The artist sadly fears that we have not seen the last of this Face.


AVAILABLE Asking $4000.00

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