"GUILT" 14/50 © 1996

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wooden table. 7 feet tall.


Animals might feel shame briefly. Shame is a natural response to error, mistakes. Shame is fleeting, a sharp chemical swat, a teaching moment, to make a better choice next time! Guilt, however, may be uniquely human. Guilt insinuates itself like a slow growing cancer, it hangs on, it eats, it hurts. Guilt is residual pain felt after the reason for the pain has long disappeared.


(Leaving a marriage. Rejoining society as a single woman. Being a single mother. 4000 years of being blamed. Learning guilt as a child.)


Green, sickly, diseased looking. Hands frozen fisted unable to open or effect change. Mouth eager to speak but glued shut. No solace as the psyche rots from the inside as if diseased.



AVAILABLE. Asking $3500.00x

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