"FEAR ITSELF" 16/50 © 2008.

Papier mache painted with Acrylic paint. Wall mounted a single piece. 60"x 23" x 12" deep.


Fear itself is the feeling of doom that grips the my gut. For the first 6 months of 2008 the feeling of fear was a constant. Karle's chronic insecurity was further aggravated by scary media reports from all over the world. Her newspaper physically shrinks as many familiar industries drift toward obsolescence. The world is changing in ways that I never imagined it would.


When I was a child, I did not know I would come to a point in time where my parents would be reaching the end of their lives while I still have not discovered the answers to mine. 2008 with no clear strategy. My life was like a dingy tossing on the sea, with towering waves in all directions. By 2008 the rest of the world became as unstable as her own little boat has always been.


Covered with black shiny oil and sparks, Fear Itself eats a person up from the inside out pulling them into their own personal hell trapping them in a loop of fear. If left to fester, Fear by itself will halt all action, freeze all choices, kill offensively, then die. It is the exact opposite of life. It is pure evil. I had to look quickly at the event then turn away from it. Hopefully exorcise it. Help others to turn away toward Hope.


AVAILABLE. Asking $3500.00
.... Great for Halloween!


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