Face of Fear



#1/50 FEAR, Fight or Flight © 1993.
The First of 50 intended sculpted pieces.

Papier Mache, wood & oil paint. 7 feet tall.

Creating "Fear" gives birth to the first 7 "faces" intended for an artshow. Personal fear was experienced as soon as I began the project, thus, becoming the subject of the first FACE. Using clay I sculpted creatiung a plaster mother mould from which I begin by laying on overlapping strips of newspaper soaked with glue which must dry between layers, 9 layers in all. As I began, suddenly I was gripped by a basic primal impulse, the urge to run away, quit, get a job, fight or flight. Petrified and indecisive, I fought the run impulse and forced myself to fight to follow my path.


Painted yellow, the classic color of cowardice, this is the only "FACE" that is painted using oil paints. I quickly switched to water based paints to meet the January DEADLINE, seven weeks away.

Fear has no thumbs, only 8 flailing fingers.






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