#15/50 ECSTASY © 1996 reworked in 2008.

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wood. 7 feet tall.
With a light cabinate, table and black lights.


ECSTASY iillustraits the moment of orgasm. Flourescent rainbow colors swirl like electricity radiating and curling from finger to tongue and everywhere. Brain disconnected fingers flailing. The piece is innocent & joyful as sex is at it's purest. This face had to be viewed under black light because of the magic and mystery of the moment.


Conflicting taboos, ridged ritual, invasive rules and competition have lead to pervasive chronic sexual insecurity. Is sex ever okay? Perhaps this is a female sociosexual hurdle. I don't know what being a man feels like. The secret of pleasure is to stop thinking because any thought will dull the moment.


Only when completely stupefied can one relax receive & release. (Which BTW is impossible if you are being assaulted.)


As I write I am sure somebody will be offended. Blushing. See Guilt.


AVAILABLE Asking $4000.00

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