Face of Self Pity

"DETERMINATION" 4/50 © 1994.

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wood. 7 feet tall.

Immersing myself in the first three powerful, but, negative emotions were cumulatively stalling my efforts. I needed to find the will to finish the first seven pieces before the looming deadline. It was a necessity to become more positive. To evoke positivity. With renewed effort, I became determined to finish the project. Discovering, simultaneously, that a person can call upon a state of mind to establish real world strength. Calling up a second wind.


Using brown tones, chosen for earthiness & stability, became a patterned field for yellows, reds & oranges with a bit of royal purple, diversity, beauty. The pattern is angular, strong, reminiscent of warrior paint and the bravery of Native Americans.



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