the face of confusion



"CONFUSION" 10/50 © 1994.

Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint and Wood. 7 feet tall.


Continuing the faces project after the first showing in 1994, Karle was also working as a software beta tester, was doing telephone tech support for a company in North Carolina that sold software for printing color separations on T-shirts. She bought her first computer, a Mac II, in 1994. The learning curve was steep.

Digital Confusion defines that moment when the brain can not process all of the information it has just received. Time to reboot the brain.


This face reflects, is illuminated by a computer screen, while having a mini melt down. Square pattern for pixels. When art is becoming pixels. This is the recurring mental storm that precedes the calm of understanding. This piece was purchased by an Ad Agency in NYC. I received an email that one of the former employees purchased it at a going out of business sale. Very cool. Art that survives. is loved and protected, becomes fine art.

Little did I know that digital learning curve was the beginning of many. ....It still hurts I say as I redo my website again in 2019.



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