face of Confidence

"CONFIDENCE" 6/50 © 1994.

Papier Mache, painted with Acrylic paint, 7 feet tall.


For a second time during the completion of the first 7 FACES I had to search inside myself for some strength to get myself done by the deadline, alive. I used the power of positive thinking to draw forth a positive energy. Another name for this work might be "Peace". It is the quieting of anxiety, with meditation, with intentional relaxation with calm. It is that beautiful feeling that one is left with when you can release all negative energy and simply be. Then you can feel peaceful inside.


The patterning is detailed and delicate dancing all over the surface of the face suggesting infinite variations within variations. It was the very first of the series to sell.

Later in the series I would build two FACES at a time, one positive and one negitive so as to remain emotionally balanced. In that way I could explore more extreme states of mind without harming myself.




All Images are the creative intellectual property of Karle Howlett Murdock © 2010