FACES meeting the Public

collection of photos of Art show

1994 Artwerks Show, Main street, Sarasota Florida

The promoter's plan was to create an "Art Mall", a tourist attraction, with touring museum shows upstairs with full security. Bus tours would come from the surrounding communities. Downstairs the mall would have quaint little galleries, shops for shipping art directly to buyers all over the world, kiosks where artists create art while people watched. The location was to be in The Sarasota Main Plaza next to the Hollywood 20 at the intersection of Main St and Washington Blvd.

The grand opening of Artwerks in January 1994 was a three day event like a typical art fair. Karle had been given a prime spot off of the Main St. entrance. She watched for 3 days as the public respond to the impact of The Faces. The response was so remarkable that she has felt motivated to continue the project, 50 Faces in all.