The Tree Project

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trees laid on plastic

Tree Project Process

trees installed

Installation on site

white branches

Art Photos of Project

trees installed on plywood

Mock Installation

Karle in her studio

Karle at work on trees

Comp of interior installation photos

Final Photos onsite

part of the design drawings

Project History

Outdoor Trees

Outdoors Waterproof Portable


The Tree Project Sculptural Installation, designed, built and installed by Karle H. Murdock, was commissioned by Pedlars Village Interiors in the spring of 2011. Installed in a private condominium owned by Chris and Megan Powers. Karle was commissioned to design and build a sculpted installation, specifically for the hallway, consisting of interlocking tree-like branches that extend approximately 22 feet, turning 4 corners. The Trees surround the front foyer door then travel around a corner, down a 10 foot long hallway curving around the last corner another 24 inches, toward the master bedroom. The hallway height is 9 feet. Above the 7 feet height, the 'branches' expand outward across the hallway ceiling in jumbled profusion. The depth of branches in the 44" wide hallway does not exceed 8 inches below the 7 foot mark. There are 6 main 'tree trunks' which have LED strips hidden in the back. When illuminated, the wall behind the branches glows brightly.

There was a secondary commission of "Outdoor Trees" which are waterproof and portable. They sit in a raised sand box just outside of the entry way.


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