Karle H. Murdock
2019 Beginning Again


Decades ago, who could have predicted that the Theatre would survive as one of the few bastions of hand crafts and painting, offering financial support for artists like me? For 35 years I have been kept busy by our theaters. For eight years I have been contracted by the Asolo Theatre, in Sarasota, making whatever they have asked for. Guided by the imaginations of an endless parade of designers from all over the country, I have gladly responded. Asolo Rep

Most all of Asolo’s enormous scenery is discarded after a production. Props are usually saved and reused. Much of my work, creating props, will live on in unexpected ways, but the work is anonymous. I am anonymous. I work with a larger group of anonymous professionals, behind the scenes, in perhaps, the most respected theatre in our little community, the Asolo. We are anonymous, our work is unsigned.

The work, building the parts of plays, is not boring. I am extremely thankful for the good pay, which is fair, after many years of being paid, only whatever the budget could afford. But, I do hate being anonymous. I hated anonymity from my 6 years as a production graphic artist and designer in the t-shirt industry. So many drawings and designs that ended up, unsigned, in the waste basket, or worse, unsigned in the national marketplace.

I am primed to design. My imagination is bursting to express itself. I have been making “my own stuff’ all along. I call it fine art. Art, made from unusual materials, inspired by my philosophy. I repeatedly return to “my art” in periods of lean employment, times when no one has asked me to do anything for them. I proudly own a lifetime’s worth of artwork, pieces of artwork, projects, not yet finalized, ideas that are still, just ideas. I have been supressing a burning desire to complete an endless list of experiments.

I seek connection, marketing, feedback....

Email me! Let me know what part, of all of this, speaks to you.

Thank you for your support,
February 2019


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